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EVOO with Denomination of Origin Baena, very intense fruity, with apple flavor, green leaf and alloza. Unfiltered EVOO.

Virrey del Pino Can EVOO Selection D.O. Baena in dark Can of 3l.

Silver medal for quality Frutas verdes 2018 (Finalist Green Fruits 2018)

What does SIQEV QVEXTRA mean? QvExtra! It grants an international quality seal to extra virgin olive oil that meets the physical and chemical sensory requirements agreed by the association. This seal, called SIQEV, is an international seal agreed between producers, experts and consumers, certifying that the product meets more stringent quality requirements than those established by current regulations. In this sense, the consumer is guaranteed that the SIQEV oil is in the high quality band and that it will remain so throughout the period of preferential consumption. It is a brave bet that aims to respond to the demands of consumers nationally and internationally. There are already several brands that wear the SIQEV seal on their packaging.

Weight 18 kg